The Sustainability Savings Estimator estimates how much you can save based on audited results achieved by supplier Sustainability development programmes across the world, over the last 10 years.

reduction Reduction of 98,000 tonnes of CO2
33,000,000 units of extra production extra-production
Savings opportunities exceeding €110 million
Increase in worker satisfaction, equivalent to 48,000 percentage points worker
Quality €13 million in reduced quality related costs
trunover Worker turnover reduced by 38,000 personnel
million-waste Reduction of €4 million in waste
flow-down Flow down savings in supply chain with 8,000 sub-suppliers

The Estimator is compiled from our database of sustainability performance improvement, achieved with 60 user companies, over the last ten years.

Outcomes and results independently verified.

Results delivered by implementation of sustainability best practice.

Analysis of database proved direct relationship between leading sustainability practices implemented and savings achieved.

The Estimator matches your inputs and results against leading and best practices to estimates the level of savings you can achieve.

Compare your business against best practice and estimate how much you can save.