Energy Performance Index (epi) addresses business needs in the Energy Services Sector and energy efficiency systems and Sustainability. The company provides e-commerce tools and consulting services in these fields.


Advisory services focusing on Sustainability, market analysis, best practice benchmarking, procurement and supply chain for the utility, telecoms, electronics and allied industries.

Our specialism is in providing management consultancy advice to the utility sector (and allied industries, based on hard market intelligence and under pinned with unrivalled expertise and experience.

Our team has over fifteen years of experience in providing hard market intelligence to underpin projects on market analysis, strategy development, benchmarking and supply chain excellence in the utility sector.

With a depth of experience and knowledge in advising organisations on how to compete effectively in what is arguably the most competitive and dynamic utility market in the world, we have the data collection and advisory capability to make a significant difference to businesses operating in the sector.

Our range of consulting services, includes:

Market analysis and strategy development

  • Product and proposition development
  • Benchmarking and organisation design
  • Procurement and supply chain

All underpinned by hard data, not available from any other sources, supported by practical advice and in depth experience and expertise.

Our services also include:


Outsource solutions, based on the epi platform and supply base, which enable organisations operating in energy services markets to quickly exploit market opportunities.

ep-online systems

We also develop advanced on line systems that help businesses save energy and improve Sustainability. The first of these  was “ep-analyser”, an innovative online service, which enables businesses to identify energy saving potential  and implement energy saving solutions. Our latest system “ep-assessor” is designed to help companies around the world evaluate their Sustainability performance, identify gaps and opportunities to implement “Best Practice”.

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